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Rivermark Helping Members

Farmer's MarketLast week we reached a milestone 5,000 Likes on Facebook! To celebrate, we asked members to share stories of how Rivermark has helped them. We had an overwhelming 550 responses! Here are just a few of the great stories our members shared with us. 

Dylan was able to get refinance that made a big difference in his life. 

“Rivermark helped us refinance our car from a different lender. The percentage point dropped almost 15%. It was such a relief to get into a more realistic payment where we could afford a second new car. They're always helpful and never had an issue with customer service. I recommend them to everyone!”

Rivermark helped Victoria with her small business. 

“When I opened a small business they helped me so much with setting up a separate account and figuring out what was best to fit my banking needs. I had someone sit down with me for over an hour to talk about what I needed. Always fantastic service at Rivermark!”

Matt and his wife secured loans for their truck, business and wedding. 

"Rivermark has a great app (with a lot of security features!). Securing loans through Rivermark not only gave me a great rate for my truck and helped my wife advance her business, but also helped us with our dream wedding at Sunriver.” 

Rivermark helped Emily through many financial needs. 

“Rivermark has helped me make the best financial decisions of my life! I started an account several years ago and throughout the years they have helped me purchase (and pay off!) my first car, consolidated my credit when I was still learning to navigate the best way to build it, created smart saving solutions to put away a rainy day fund (and with living paycheck to paycheck that is a miracle all in itself) and assisted me to pursue my dream trip.” 

Jeannine appreciates the extended teller hours at our branches. 

"I work four days a week as a self-employed hairdresser who has different hours than most. So the tellers that are open from 8 o'clock in the morning till 8 o'clock at night Monday through Friday are my best friend. I really like how Rivermark works for me more than I work for Rivermark.” 

If you have stories about how Rivermark has helped you, we'd love to hear them! Feel free submit your story using our Contact Form.