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7 Reasons to Go Camping

 June is National Camping Month! Camping can be a great and inexpensive way to get out for a fun family trip, while experiencing nature. 

In case you’re on the fence and haven’t made any big camping plans for the season yet, here are a few great reasons to get out and go camping:

The Outdoors are Good for Your Physical Health

You’ll find that getting outdoors will improve your physical health in ways you never thought were possible.

  • Boost Vitamin D: Natural sunshine increases bone health, muscle strength, lean body mass, helps skin disorders and more.
  • Increase Endorphins which are natural pain and stress fighters.
  • Burn More Calories: Hiking & Backpacking burns 500 calories per hour while walking or playing with children burns 200 calories per hour.

Detach From Your Gadgets and Give Your Eyes a Needed Break
Sometimes it takes something like a camping trip with no internet connection to make you realize that everything you’re checking in on doesn’t really matter. Getting outdoors gives your eyes a break from screens and what is known as Computer Vision Syndrome. This is fatigue in your eyes and can cause nearsightedness.

Rekindle Relationships
With the hustle and bustle of kids, jobs, electronics, deadlines and bills, relationships can often times suffer from demanding and stressful lives. But by eliminating these distractions and interruptions you will find it easier to spark up a slowed relationship. Camping provides you with that uninterrupted time and helps you to really focus on one another.

Reset Your Sleep Cycle
When you expose yourself to only natural light, your internal clock quickly resets itself to rise with the sun and sleep shortly after sunset. Recent studies have shown that we actually sleep better when we set our sleep cycles with those of the sun. This is the way people have operated for thousands of years. Not to mention, camping gives you an excuse to go to bed by 9!

It's a Cheap Vacation
When strapped for cash for a summer vacation, your family can keep it cheap by heading into the woods for a camping trip. Camping gear these days can be purchased for very little money. Keep it even cheaper by staying away from private campgrounds and heading into publicly owned National Forest lands.

The Food Tastes Much Better
Ribs, hamburgers, corn on the cob, and roasted marshmallows. Typical camping food is some of the best tasting food and is even better in the fresh air. Cooking over an open flame or over a grill gives your food an intense flavor and S'mores never turn out right using the grill at home. 

Experience Darkness the Best Way Possible
When your only source of light is the moon and stars, you will have a new appreciation for true darkness. A benefit of this incredible darkness is some of the best star gazing you will ever experience. Open your tent roof or set your sleeping bags out under the stars and enjoy a great view.

We hope that you have the opportunity to get out and experiencing camping this summer.