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ATM Skimming at 7-Eleven ATMs

ATM SkimmingATM skimming is a growing threat to your financial information. If you're not familiar with ATM skimming, it's the act of obtaining card information using a reader device attached to an ATM or card reader. We recently became aware that local 7-Eleven ATMs have been targeted and that some victims were Rivermark members. 

We take this type of fraud very seriously which is why we've taken the following steps to keep member information protected. 

  1. We're asking members not to use 7-Eleven ATMs. 
  2. Beginning July 12, 2016, all transactions at 7-Eleven ATMs will be denied. They will no longer be a part of our CO-OP Network. 

We think that these measures will help keep our members safe. 

If you notice any unauthorized transactions on your card and you believe your information has been compromised, please call our Lost or Stolen Card Hotline at the following numbers:

  • Regular business hours: 800.452.8502
  • After hours: 800.472.3272