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Fun Facts About Happy Valley

City of Happy ValleyWe are looking forward to joining the Happy Valley community with our new branch opening next month. Happy Valley is rich in history and has grown into one of the most vibrant communities in the Portland area. We did some research and found some interesting information on the area. 

Here's what we dug up:

  1. While the area was settled in the mid-1800's, it was not labeled "Happy Valley" until 1909. Near the turn of the century, the area was hit by wildfires, destroying much of the land. Farmers in the area also battled with coyotes coming from the local hills to take their chickens. Realizing these hardships deterred potential land buyers, realtors named the area "Happy Valley" in an effort to entice people to move to the area.
  2. In 1851 the Deardorffs were the first family to settle in the area. Their son John helped to lay the road that connected Clackamas and Multnomah Counties. Today, the road is called Deardorff road. 
  3. The moniker "Mr. Happy Valley" was given to a beloved resident named Edward Rebstock. Born in 1911, he lived his entire life in the area and helped to establish some of the city’s major elements such as roads, a water system and the fire district. In 1994, a park was dedicated in his honor near City Hall. 
  4. Happy Valley officially became a municipality on August 25, 1965. There were approximately 300 residents at the time. 
  5. James Robnet, the first mayor of Happy Valley, gained the position by winning a coin toss (he called tails). He went on to serve as mayor for 30 years. 
  6. The Cedar Crossing Covered Bridge that crosses Johnson Creek on Deardorff Road, replaced an older, more narrow bridge in January 1982. It was the first ever covered bridge built in Multnomah County. 7th grader Ginell Lamont came up with the name. 
  7. If you’ve been to Mount Talbert Nature Park, you probably noticed the stone squirrel structure greeting you by the parking lot. It was carved by Mexican sculpter Mauricio Salda, and pays homage to the Western Gray Squirrels in the area. 
  8. Today, Happy Valley residents are dedicated to maintaining safety and security within their community. Each year, residents celebrate National Night Out on the First Tuesday in August. Neighborhood residents are encouraged to hold street parties, for which the city provides refreshments. Some parties even receive a visit from the local Police & Fire Departments. 

We looking forward to being a lasting part of the Happy Valley community. Our new branch opens up at 15963 SE Happy Valley Town Center Dr next month. Be on the lookout for more information on our grand opening festivities, including the chance to win a trip to Hawaii.