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Stay Safe from ATM Skimming

Stay Safe from ATM Skimming

Woman Using ATMRivermark is committed to protecting our members' personal information by installing anti-skimming technology in our ATMs. ATM and Gas Pump skimming is a growing security threat. Thieves are using hidden electronics to
steal the information associated with your
debit or credit cards. While Rivermark ATMs are equipped with anti-skimming technology, not all ATMs adhere to the same standards and we want to make sure you know how to stay safe. 

Here are some simple things you can do: 

  • Spot the skimmer. If the keypad looks raised above the surface of the device or easily moves, don't use it. Look for holes near a keypad that might conceal a camera. 
  • Check for Loose Parts. Inspect the reader to see if any part of it is loose or damaged. It shouldn't wiggle at all. Check for adhesive tape or glue. 
  • Protect your PIN. Cover the area with your hand as you type in your PIN. 
  • Use Credit Union ATMs. The ATMs at most credit unions have anti-skimmer technology and are generally safer than ones not associated with a financial institution. As a Rivermark member, you can use any of the 30,000+ Shared Branching ATMs nationwide without fees. 

Following these easy tips will help you and your financial information stay safe and protected.