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Open an Account Online in Minutes

Moo BlogDid you know that you can now open a new savings or checking account online in just minutes? Our secure, mobile-friendly application has never been easier. Simply select your product and fund your account from a credit card, another financial institution or existing Rivermark account. 

Available Products: 

Existing members:

Simply log in using your Online Banking credentials, choose your product, fund your account and you're all set! From start to finish the process takes less than 5 minutes. 

New members:

Skip filling out a form by taking a photo of your driver's license. Your personal information will be auto-filled with the information on your license, saving you valuable time. If you can't finish your application, you'll be able to log back in with your email using the Resume Session functionality. Once your account is created you can set up your Online Banking log in and create more accounts right away. 

 Not only is the new application simple and straightforward - it's secure. Try it out for yourself!