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Giving Her the Best Shot: Behind the Scenes of Rivermark's Latest Commerical

Autumn has arrived bringing cooler weather, changing leaves, shorter days and more time in front of the TV catching up on your favorite shows, checking out the latest premieres or watching the big game.  If you tuned in this weekend, you may have seen a new Rivermark Commercial on air.

The commercial was produced in partnership with our friends at KGW. Shot in a single day on location in the Oregon community of Cedar Mill, it captures a day in the life of a member who began with a checking account at Rivermark. This dad wants to give his daughter the “best shot” in life with tools that help him manage his money while helping her save for the important things.

Commerical: Giving her the "Best Shot"


Bales Market Place

Our commercial cast and crew assembled at 9:00 am in the colorful produce department at Bales Market Place. In this scene, father Todd Baker looks up from the grocery list on his mobile device to catch the action as his daughter tosses a lime overhead in a perfect backwards shot into the shopping cart. Impressively, it only took a few takes for 12 year old Ella to nail the shot!

Sunset Athletic Club

Sunset Athletic Club

The second scene of the day (the opening scene of the commercial) was filmed on the indoor basketball court at Sunset Athletic Club.  In between ball dribbling and hoop shots, KGW Producer Joseph DeGise added some rich visuals to the basketball practice scene by taking took some great close ups of this real life father-daughter exchange.

Baker Family Home

The Baker Family Home

The final two scenes of the commercial were filmed at the Baker home. During the third scene of the day, Dad is transferring funds into his daughter’s College Savings account and checking his balance while his daughter perfects her long shots across the family room into a mini basketball hoop. Later, while snacking with Dad on popcorn, Ella raises her smart phone into view as she checks out her savings account deposit alert with a smile. During the final scene, father and daughter take advantage of the afternoon sunshine and get in one last game of ball in the front driveway.

We really enjoyed teaming up with the talented KGW crew and enjoyed witnessing the genuine, affectionate and playful interaction between our actors.   We hope you have as much fun watching this commercial as we had making it!