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From the Heart


At Rivermark, we’re proud of the service we provide our members. As a not-for-profit, member-owned, financial cooperative, we recognize that great service to our member/owners is paramount to our success.

In fact, as our members achieve financial success, we love to share their stories. The anonymous member story below is one of hundreds we receive that truly demonstrate the credit union difference. We love these heartfelt stories and hope you enjoy reading some of them.

Last year, we were able to help a member with a very low credit score: under 500. Most banks would have declined this request without any further thought. But we’re not a bank. Instead, we took the time to understand this member’s story. We learned that the family had been in a serious car accident that had set them back financially. Trying to get back on their feet and back to work, they needed an auto loan right away. We see this unfold all too often and subprime lenders are quick to take advantage. In this case, offering an auto loan at 30% interest. Fortunately, they are Rivermark members and knew that this was not right. Understanding their situation and really wanting to help, we suggested a co-signer. Long story short, we were able to refinance their auto loan at 2.74%. As you can imagine, this family was incredibly grateful that Rivermark cared enough to look for a way to help. They are saving thousands of dollars in finance charges and are well on their way to getting back on their feet financially. That’s the Rivermark difference.

This is a wonderful story but we believe our members say it best. Here are a few more stories/reviews recently left on our website:

"I recently called Rivermark for investment advice. As always, my call was answered almost immediately. After some discussion, I decided to place my funds in a money market account until some other option might prove more profitable. Sure, there are competitors who offer similar services, but isn't it better to put your trust in a place that really values you as an individual no matter what size your account is?"
- James

"The mortgage servicing department at Rivermark is awesome Adrianne reached out to me today to remind me that my payment had not been made yet and she wanted me to avoid a late fee. Banks would have charged the fee and called later. We just had a baby and our focus was not on day to day life. Rivermark you are the best!"
- Jeff

If you have a story that you’d like to share on how Rivermark made a difference in your life, we'd love to hear from you. Please fill out our contact form and tell us your story!