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Summer Road Trip Commercial: Behind the Scenes

Longer days, warmer weather and family fun was caught on camera in late May when we partnered with our friends at KGW to film our latest Rivermark commercial. This new 30-second spot is now airing on KGW and captures an Oregon family on a summer road trip (complete with an adorable ice cream eating lap dog). 

Filmed on location on the roads of Washington, at the whimsically retro Hockinson Market and at Battleground Lake State Park, the new commercial  highlights how Rivermark provides tools that help keep this family “on the right road”, allowing them to save for the “big things” in life, while still enjoying the equally important “not so big things” today.

If you’ve ever watched a Rivermark commercial, you’ll notice a couple of changes in visuals and tone. Since 2013, we’ve been filming our commercials from a first person point of view (POV) perspective with the use of a GoPro action camera. While this unique method has been the perfect way to capture the point of view of our members, we wanted to expand on our “day in the life” series by showcasing the moments most important to Rivermark members. To achieve this, we swapped out our first person camera and switched things up by filming scenes with an all inclusive approach – the interactions of a family of four enjoying a summer road trip. This new perspective allowed us to capture more scenes and special moments, while staying true to the authentic experiences that our Rivermark members can relate to. You may also notice that our musical score has gotten a revamp! The new music is upbeat and energetic, a great compliment to our newly enhanced commercials!

Despite the action-packed scenes of our 30-second spot, the commercial was filmed in just one day and included four major scenes and three locations.

Hockinson Market
The Rivermark/KGW crew arrived at 9:00 am to film the initial scenes at Hockinson Market in Bush Prairie, Washington. In the storyline, the family makes a quick balance check to review their road trip fund after stopping for gas and ice cream on the way to their scenic camp site.

The ice cream cone scene was a highlight for Wrigley the dog. After being presented with several less than palatable flavors, he discovered a taste for Strawberry ice cream!

Behind The Scenes Hockinson Market
Pictured from left to right, Lynn (holding Wrigley) and Chris Clary, with son Nick and daughter Grace

Battleground Lake State Park
As luck would have it, the sun broke on the overcast morning and a lovely blue-skied afternoon ensued just in time to film at our scenic camp spot at the camp ground at Battleground Lake State Park.

Behind The Scenes Campground
Rehearsing the scene at Battleground Lake State Park Camp Ground.

Spoiler Alert: We took some artistic license to leverage the majestic lake views in this scene by creating a makeshift lake-side camp site. In reality, the setting is an open picnic area that made for a stunning backdrop.

In our camping scene, father and son happily play ball while Wrigley gets cuddled by his “big sister” and Mom visits the Rivermark website on her tablet, while the camera pans to the new family vehicle that helped make this day possible.

Scenes from Inside the Vehicle
The in-between and most complex shots were taken from inside the vehicle during the family’s road trip. This effort required four different set-ups requiring the photographer to sit in the rear driver’s side seat, the front passenger seat, and even squeezing into the rear storage compartment to film all family members from the back of the car!

As always, we enjoyed partnering with our friends at KGW for our latest commercial and hope you enjoyed learning a bit about the pieces that came together to produce this fun summer spot!