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Behind the Scenes of Rivermark’s Latest Commercial

Last week Rivermark teamed up with our friends at KGW to film two new spots that will be airing over the next few months.

The commercials will feature our brand new Gresham Station branch, Personal Teller Kiosk and video conference technologies, and our Make an Appointment online service. Our Business Services manager Victoria stood in as a busy mother of three looking for a new home for her growing family. The first half of the day we filmed at a home in Lake Oswego. Our “kid” extras had a great time playing and throwing cereal for the shoot.

The second half of the day we moved to our new branch at Gresham Station. We were thrilled to be able to involve our Gresham staff with the commercial. Friends and family came to act as stand-ins. Members who came into the branch also got a first hand look at the shoot and were wonderfully patient during filming.

The commercial ends with the mother standing with her kids in front of a new house – all thanks to Rivermark! 

Here is some “behind the scenes” action.

IMG 5309

Business Services manager Victoria wears the GoPro as we shoot our first scene. The kids were encouraged to throw ceral and have fun. They did!

 IMG 5329

Preparing for our next shot on the exterior of a house. 

IMG 5324

Victoria and 3-year-old Avery nailed the shot. 

Photo Feb 18 1 59 06 PM

We moved the shot to Gresham, where staff, friends and family got to play parts in the filming. 

Photo Feb 18 2 18 02 PM

The crew huddles around to check what has been filmed so far. 

Commercial 2

Gresham was a great place to shoot! Thank you to all of our members and friends who got to be a part of the filming.