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Oregon Credit Union Day

On Tuesday March 31st Rivermark participated in Oregon Credit Union Day at the state capitol in Salem. Rivermark leaders and representatives traveled to Salem to speak to representatives about credit unions and their impact on the local economy.

At the event, the Northwest Credit Union Association (NWCUA) shared a report outlining the beneficial impact of credit unions in Oregon. Almost 42% of the population of Oregon belongs to a credit union. That's 1.63 million members that benefit from lower fees, higher interest rates on savings and checking accounts and lower rates on loans that credit unions offer. 


Rivermark staff braved the rain and headed to the capitol building.


They joined credit union representatives from all over the state in wearing blue scarves in support of credit unions. Photo credit: NWCUA


Oregon Governor Kate Brown joined Northwest Credit Union Association President Troy Stang in thanking credit unions for their positive impact on the state. Photo credit: NWCUA


Rivermark President/CEO Scott Burgess met with Senator Tobias Read's staff to discuss the economic impact of credit unions in Oregon. Photo credit: NWCUA


Staff from multiple credit unions joined together for a common cause - informing state representatives about the positive impact of credit unions in Oregon. 

Credit Union Day at the Capitol is a rich Oregon tradition. Rivermark was proud to help participate in delivering key message points to our local representatives about the unique not-for-profit and member-owned structure of credit unions. Credit unions like Rivermark continue to add value and make a positive difference in the lives of members across Oregon.