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What is a Personal Teller Kiosk and Why is Rivermark Moving in this Direction?

NewgreshamThe newly transformed Rivermark Member Resource Center opened at Gresham Station on October 27. As the first of its kind in the area, this branch uses innovative technology to meet the needs of our busy members, who seek extended hours, faster transaction times and enhanced privacy. Personal Teller Kiosks replace traditional teller counters and use video technology to connect members to live, local Rivermark tellers. The result of our transformation is the ability to better serve our members based upon their feedback, without replacing personal interaction.

Over the years, we have received requests from members for options that allow them to bank when, where and how they want. After researching solutions, we found that Personal Teller Kiosks could offer a new level of convenience that a traditional teller lane does not, including:

  • Extended Hours. Members often request extended hours outside of the 9 to 5 format to accommodate their busy schedules. The kiosk technology allows us to provide in-person service from 8 am to 8 pm and 10 to 6 on Saturday. We have already seen members taking advantage of the extended hours, with 30% of the transactions performed outside our normal working hours just in the first few days. We currently offer more service hours than any other credit union in Portland.
  • Faster Transaction Times. In our Hawthorne location, the average transaction time through the drive-up has moved from 12 minutes using the pneumatic tube system to 3 minutes with the technology. Couple this with the hours it is used most (lunch time and end of day), we are able to provide in-person service to more members in an accurate and faster way. At Gresham we are already seeing shorter lines and shorter wait times than our previous branch.
  • Privacy Options. Unlike traditional teller windows, Personal Teller Kiosks offer options to ensure the privacy of members. When prompted for your password, you will have the option to either speak or use the kiosk’s convenient chat function. There is also a headphone jack to plug in a listening device and the option for the member to blank out the screen. We are currently working on even more ways to enhance privacy at our kiosks.
  • Expertise on Staff. During your visits, you still have the expertise in the branch to address issues with your accounts. In fact, the entire team from the old Gresham branch came over to the new branch! Routine transactions like transfers, payments and even account maintenance can be quickly and conveniently serviced remotely by a Rivermark teller. We still want people to be central to your experience.

Rivermark is proud to be the first in the area to offer these solutions to our members in a form that fits with their busy lives. We hope you will stop by the Gresham location and try them out.