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Traveling Abroad? Some Important Things to Know

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If you’re heading out of the country, Rivermark wants to make sure nothing stands between you and having a great trip. That’s why we want you to be aware of potential complications.

If you wish to use your debit or credit card while you are outside of the US, please let us know before you go. Due to increased fraud, all international credit and debit transactions are automatically blocked. Rivermark can temporarily remove the block for the duration of your trip. Please either call 503-626-6600 or send us a secure message through the Communication Center within Online Banking with the dates and countries you are travelling to.

You should also be aware that some ATMs in Europe may not be able to read your Rivermark ATM card. Some European ATMs are set up as cash advance machines, not regular ATM cash dispensing machines. At first glance, there is no way to distinguish which machines will or won’t accept your ATM card. However when you swipe your ATM card, if the screen only asks for a dollar amount, most likely you are at a cash advance machine and your card will not work. If you swipe your card and the screen asks you to choose either savings or checking, then you are most likely at a regular ATM cash dispensing machine where your card will work.

We strongly encourage our members to travel abroad with a Rivermark Debit Card. This card will be accepted at the ATM, whether it is designed for cash advances or is a regular cash dispensing machine.

Wherever your travels take you, Rivermark wishes you a great trip!