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Call for Supervisory Committee Volunteers

Supervisory CommitteeNote: All positions for 2014 have been filled

The Supervisory Committee’s responsibility is to oversee and verify that the Credit Union has established and maintains an internal framework that ensure compliance with laws and regulations and the reliability and integrity of financial statements. The committee meets regularly with Rivermark’s Internal Auditor and they engage an external audit firm to audit the financial statements. Supervisory Committee members are invited to attend the monthly Board of Directors meetings and the term of service is for one year.

The committee supports the Credit Union’s strategic direction and Rivermark believes that each volunteer makes a significant contribution to our success.

1. Understanding of the credit union philosophy and history.
2. Ability to understand basic financial reports.
3. Ability to critically examine and question issues or reports.

If you're looking for a way to give something back to your community, we'd love to hear from you. Volunteering also provides an opportunity to develop your leadership and networking skills. For more information about becoming a Rivermark Supervisory Committee volunteer, please call Bonnie Dibb at 503.626.6600 ext. 696 or send an email with a brief resume to