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Less Checks = Saving you Time and Money

Two Kids Walking In The ParkChecks can be expensive. That’s why Rivermark offers a variety of services to help reduce the number of checks members need to write and that make moving money convenient and easy.

Here are some of those services:

Online Bill Pay
Bill pay can be set up in both Online and Mobile Banking and allows you to receive and pay your bills electronically. You can set up recurring payments, expedite specific payments and even set up a calendar to view your upcoming payments. Bill pay is a completely free service as long as you pay at least one bill per 60-day cycle. Think of the money you’ll save on time and stamps!
Here is a Quickstart Guide to help get you started.

Debit cards
Just like checks, debit card payments are deducted right from your checking account. They provide the same service as paper checks, only with the added convenience of ease of a simple swipe. 

Transfers Between Institutions
Transferring money between Rivermark and other institutions can be done electronically using Online Banking or Mobile Banking. Transfers from other institutions to your Rivermark account are free. Transfers to other institutions from your Rivermark account are $1.95 each. You may set this up in Online Banking by selecting Transfer Money from the Transfers drop down and following instructions on the Add Remote Accounts tab.

These products are offered to members with convenience in mind. By using these products, just one box of checks can last a few years.

If you have any questions on these services please do not hesitate to contact us.