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The Best Way to Pay Your Bills Online

Ultimate Frisbee In Mountain FieldRivermark is committed to delivering relevant and best in class services that enable you to bank when, where and how you want. That is why we have worked to bring services like Online Bill Pay right to your fingertips.

With Online Bill Pay you will write less checks, save on stamps and you can schedule reoccurring payments to ensure your bills get paid on time, every time. You’ll also help reduce your risk of ID theft by receiving electronic versions of your bills.

Online Bill Pay is available through Online Banking. To sign up, simply select “Pay Bills” under the payments drop down. Easy-to-follow videos are available to walk you through the process of setting up your payments and this quick guide will show you exactly what you need to do. 

Once Online Bill Pay is set up you may schedule payments for up to a year in advance. If you are sending money to a payee who doesn’t accept electronic payments, we will process and send a check to the payee. Note that these check payments may take longer to clear than electronic payments so you will need to schedule them accordingly. It’s best to ask your payee if they accept electronic payments in advance.

Bill Pay also allows you to choose which Rivermark Checking Account your payment will withdraw from. Simply change your default payment on the Setup tab. You may also assign specific accounts to specific payees.

While Online Bill Pay is a free service that we offer our members, it must be used to stay free. If you are signed up, but have not paid a bill within 60-days you will be charged an Inactive Bill Payment fee of $10.

If you have any questions about Online Bill Pay please call us at 503.626.6600 Mon-Fri 8am – 6pm or Saturday 9am-2pm.