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New Seasons Employee Give Back

New SeasonsOver the past six years, Rivermark has partnered with New Seasons Market to help over 250 New Seasons employees through hardship situations.

The staff of New Seasons can elect to contribute to a fund specifically reserved to assist fellow employees in need. The pool is collected into a Rivermark account and is used by New Seasons management to award low-interest share secured hardship loans to staff. Employees have used the money for financial burdens connected to such things as car accidents, surgery, dental issues, drug/alcohol treatment, birth/adoption, unexpected loss of a lease or home eviction, car/home repairs, death in the family and care of an elderly parent.

As of this year, Rivermark has loaned out $139,000 to New Seasons Employees. The fund continues to grow as payroll deposits are made and as loans are repaid. The program has also helped many participants to establish or re-establish credit.

Thank you to the wonderful staff at New Seasons who continue to contribute to help out their fellow employees. Rivermark is proud to be a part of this phenomenal program.