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People, Not Profits, Are The No.1 Priority

Reuben Heather CarBefore you go car shopping, read Ryan’s story on how Rivermark can work in your best interest. All Rivermark employees are empowered to help members solve problems and to look for innovative solutions.

Dear Mickey,

I'm writing to you today because I thought it important to highlight the great work that Kyle has done for me over the past few weeks. I asked for his supervisors contact info so that my positive feedback could be documented.

I applied for an auto loan online about a week and a half ago, and Kyle was very quick to respond to the application. He immediately provided me with all of the financing options I requested, laying out in detail the rates and total interest costs, making my decision incredibly easy.

Then things got interesting... I was arranging a private party vehicle purchase, and Kyle let me know everything I needed to do, and told me clearly everything Rivermark would do to assist. I was excited about this as it sounded so easy! Unfortunately, the seller was not up front about his situation and refused to speak with Kyle about the details of the title. Kyle accurately relayed the necessary information to me so I was prepared to speak to the seller.

In the end, the seller decided to try to perform a very convoluted multi-party trade-in through a local auto dealer, leaving only an unsubstantial power of attorney document in the dealers hands for me to attempt to use to lay claim to the vehicle title. Kyle reviewed this document and made the extra effort to speak with the dealer, your title department, and reach out to DMV to see if there was a way that we could make this deal work. Ultimately he advised me to walk away from the deal because it presented too great a risk and liability to the bank and to me.

Throughout the entire process, Kyle was understanding of my goal, and willing to work through the extra details and questionable areas to try and make it happen. He definitely put in considerable hours of research, not to mention the time he took on the phone and by email to answer my questions. But more importantly, he was candid about the situation, offering advice that would effectively remove the benefit to Rivermark (in the form of the interest earned).

So while Kyle may have forsaken the benefit of closing the loan, in the process he earned something that is so very important to me as a customer - my respect for his judgment. Its unfortunately very rare these days to see someone truly working in another's interests, but Kyle clearly showed that he had my best interests in mind during this entire ordeal. And Rivermark has earned a loyal member - I now have a savings account and will certainly be using Rivermark for my auto loan when the time comes. In addition, my family is looking for a new home, and Rivermark will be the first place we go to start the mortgage process. I only wish we could work with Kyle again on that too!

-Ryan, Portland

The Credit Union Difference is Trust - Credit unions are not-for-profit financial cooperatives and exist to serve you—the member. At Rivermark, there is no conflict of interest between serving members and serving ownership interests. That’s because members own their credit union.