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Simple Tips for Building Your Savings - America Saves Week

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Setting money aside for savings can sometimes seem difficult, but it isn’t impossible. Whether you are saving for a large purchase or just wanting an extra financial cushion, Rivermark’s goal is to help you save effectively and efficiently.
This week (February 24-March 1) is America Saves Week. The campaign, coordinated by America Saves and the American Savings Education Council, was formed to encourage consumers to develop sound saving habits and responsible spending habits.

In an effort to help, we put together some simple tips to help you save money in 2014.

Set A Goal
Before starting to save set a tangible goal you’d like to reach. Having a specific goal in mind will help you to stay on track, keep you motivated and will offer you a rewarding sense of accomplishment once you reach your savings goal.

You can pledge your goal for America Saves Week here

Be Rewarded
Receiving a return on your savings is an incredible motivator. Set up a Rewards Savings Account  and earn interest on the money you set aside. 

Set up Automatic Transfers
Set it and forget it! Setting up a specific amount of money to automatically transfer into your savings each month will help you stay on track building to your savings goal with minimal effort involved. You won’t even think about the money – until you see it building up in your account.

Speak with a Financial Counselor
A financial counselor will help you to determine how much money you could potentially be saving and how you can manage your money to save even more. They can help you put together a realistic savings plan that is both rewarding and achievable. Rivermark offers free financial services from George Beardmore to all members. Set up an appointment by calling 800.940.5009 ext 702 or emailing

For more tips on how to save, check out our Save Wisely page. If you have any questions about the tips or services outlined here do not hesitate to call our Contact Center at 503.626.6600.