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Behind the Scenes of the Rivermark Commercials

A few weeks ago the Rivermark marketing department set out to film a series of commercials for our #Exploregon auto loan campaign. The campaign features three recent car buyers, spending their time exploring parts of Oregon rather than spending it going through the tedious process of applying for a car loan, common with other lenders. 

The campaign runs in conjunction with our current offer: we pay you $100 cash when you open a new or used auto loan or refinance your existing auto loan from another lender. Once you have the cash, let us know how you used it by sharing your story on social media with the hashtag #exploregon. 

Commercials are always a blast to shoot and we thought we would give you a behind the scenes look at what goes on to make them happen. 

Day 1: The Dealership

One afternoon we met our friends from KGW out at Dick's Country Chrysler Jeep Dodge in Hillsboro. The owners were kind enough to allow us to use their lot and showroom. There we filmed our actors shopping for cars and signing their loan paperwork on an iPad. 

All Rivermark commercials are filmed POV with a GoPro camera. The subject attaches the GoPro to their head, and films the scene from their own perspective. While it might look goofy, the final shots make it worth it. 

 Vickie Go Pro

Marketing Manager Vickie proudly shows off her GoPro. 

Hana Hugs

Actress Hana falls in love with a Jeep. 


Digital Designer Andrew shows off his skills with the GoPro.

Ipad Signing

Andrew shows off how easy it is to sign for an auto loan. 

It was a long day on set, but the final products turned out great! Check them out below. 


Day 2: The Gorge

On Friday of that week we were lucky enough to have another bright and sunny day. The Rivermark team ventured out to the Gorge where we met up with our friends from KGW. The sun was bright, but it was chilly in the shadows of the trees. Luckily we came prepared with coffee and snacks. 

Commercial #1: Fishing

 The father and son team of Mike and Joel Lowry were nice enough to brave the cold and help us with this shot, filmed right by the Oneota Tunnel. Mike and Joel stayed upbeat despite the cold and the shoot payed off. Look at the size of that fish!


 Joel Mike

Joel has a career in acting in his future!


 Stringing up the fish to get the right shot. 


The crew heading back to the van for snacks after the shoot. What a beautiful day!

We'd like to extend a big thank you to Joel and Mike for helping us out!

Commercial #2: Sightseeing

After filming the fishing scene we moved down the road to Horsetail Falls. We started out doing some spot testing to find the perfect spot for the scene. 

This was a fun scene to shoot because of the entusiasm of our littlest actress Hana. Hana, her mother Jessica and her baby sister Luna (it was her first birthday!) all joined us at the base of the falls. Hana was a natural in front of the camera.

 Craig Vickie

Before we could film we had to find just the right spot. Vickie and our producer Craig found it. 

Waterfall Shot

The base of the waterfall was beautiful, but too muddy to use.

Hana Makeup

Like a star, Hana gets her makeup done before the shot. 

Hana Jennifer

Hana and Jessica hit their marks perfectly. 

We'd like to extend another big thank you to Hana, Jessica and Luna for braving the cold to join us!

 Commercial #3: Biking

After filming Sightseeing we found a nice picnic area to film our final scene - biking. The shot involved two guys out exploring on their bikes. Easy enough right? 

Wrong. Sadly the tires on one of the bikes were both flat - making for a fun shot for Andrew who had to ride the bike up a small hill. Luckily he made it through and the shot turned out great.


Bike Shot

Setting up the shot for the bikes. 

Bicycle Film

The operation that happens to set up a shot. Vickie got into the spirit with her Rivermark bicycling shirt. 

Bike Group

This was the last photo captured of the day. It features Joe from KGW, Marketing Manager Vickie, Digital Designer Andrew, Digital Marketer Emily and Craig from KGW. 

Overall we had a great shoot and we are thrilled with the way the commercials came out. Rivermark wants to extend a big thank you to KGW for their effort on these commercials. Look for them currently airing on KGW!