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Rivermark Promotes Financial Literacy


Teen On The JobIn a recent survey of individuals 13 to 21 years old, only 26% said their parents taught them how to manage their money. With more Americans carrying debt than ever before, it is increasingly important to educate kids on good financial practices. That is why in 2004 April was designated Financial Literacy Month.

Rivermark provides employees with up to 16 hours of paid time annually to participate in efforts such as financial literacy. We’ve partnered with Financial Beginnings, a local non-profit organization that provides financial education to over 13,000 young people in Washington and Oregon yearly. A number of Rivermark employees volunteer their time through Financial Beginnings in order to help local kids learn about saving, investing and credit.

In the first quarter of 2014 Rivermark employees donated over 16 hours of time educating young people at eight area schools. This was more than any other institution in the area and resulted in Rivermark being named the Financial Beginnings Partner of the Quarter. Rivermark is proud to continue to support the financial education of youth.