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Express Auto Loan

Simplify the Auto Purchase and Financing Process

Rivermark’s Express Auto Loan makes the vehicle purchase experience easier than ever. Get pre-approved and we’ll provide you with an Express “Blank Check”, good for up to your pre-approved limit. With your check in hand you’ll have the ability to negotiate as a cash buyer at the dealership!

In four simple steps, you can receive a ”blank check" to take with you to shop for a new vehicle.

  1. Apply – Get pre-approved online or at your local branch
  2. Receive Your Express Check - You will receive a “blank check”, good for up to your pre-approved limit for you to take to a licensed dealership.
  3. Take your time - You have up to 30 days to use your Express Check and your loan will not be activated until you find the perfect car!
  4. Sign the check and drive off - Sign the check for any amount up to the maximum loan amount shown on the check. Present the check and Dealer Instructions page to the dealership. Then drive away in your new ride!
Apply Online

Call us with questions:
503.626.6600 or 800.452.8502

This loan may not be used to refinance an existing auto loan or for a private party purchase. The total amount of the Express Auto Loan may not exceed the cost of the vehicle including tax, titling, extended warranty, and dealer installed options. The amount of the Express Auto Loan must equal the amount of the dealer purchase order. Cash back is not permitted. The Express Auto Loan may not be used to purchase a vehicle with a branded or salvage title. Full instructions are provided upon pre-approval.