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Android Pay

Rivermark is proud to be one of the first credit unions in Oregon to offer Android Pay. Now you can securely make purchases from your supported Android device.

How Does Android Pay Work? 

Instead of transmitting your actual credit or debit card number at the register, Android Pay creates a unique and encrypted number along with a dynamic, one-time security code or cryptogram to process your payment. Merchants will not see your name or have access to your actual card number; further protecting your account information.

How Do I Make a Payment? 

If it isn't already installed on your device, you’ll need to download the app. Once you've set up your Rivermark card, you'll be able to make a payment. Simply unlock your phone and place it near an Android Pay compatible terminal. 

Get Started

Set up Android Pay in a few easy steps. 

Step 1: 

Within the Android Pay app, touch the plus sign to add your Rivermark debit or credit card.



Step 2: 

Position your card in the camera frame so it picks up your card information. Enter the security code found on your card and accept terms and conditions.


Step 3: 

Accept the terms of service and set your screen lock. You may be prompted to verify your card by calling Rivermark. 



For more information on Android Pay, please see our Frequently Asked Questions or Contact Us

Look for these Symbols

Android Pay

Android Pay is available at hundreds of thousands of stores. 

Android has a full list of stores that accept Android Pay.

More Questions About Android Pay?

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions.