Online Banking

Rivermark Online Banking and Mobile Banking give you all the tools you need to fully manage your money, whether you’re at home, waiting in line, or taking the kids to practice. Options include:

  • View balances
  • Instantly transfer money to and from your Rivermark accounts and accounts at other financial institutions
  • Account history: Including cleared check images, pending debit card transactions, mobile deposit history, and much more
  • Set-up text or email alerts: Including being notified when your direct deposit arrives or when your account balance falls below a certain amount
  • Free personal money management tool or option to download your account history to Quicken or MS Money
  • Peace of mind with Rivermark’s layered security features and real time access to monitor your account from anywhere at anytime

Open Your Own Branch

Rivermark helps you stay connected with Online Banking that’s always available – day or night. Better still, it's as close as your computer or mobile phone, and it's absolutely free.

Rivermark gives you access to your finances anytime, anywhere. That includes transfers between any of your accounts, deposits you can complete at home or with your smartphone, a bill payment feature that helps you save time and money, and an account management suite designed for your fast-paced schedule.

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To access Rivermark Online Banking use the sign in on the top of any page of the website. Don't have a login yet? You can sign up here

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Leading the Way

Scheduled Maintenance

Monthly maintenance occurs on the 25th and the last day of the month between 6 PM and 8 AM.