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Dough For Doernbecher Fundraiser

2015 Dough for Doernbecher Update

The Dough For Doernbecher / Cookie Bake event had been a longstanding fundraiser in partnership with the Safeway Clackamas Bread Plant of which Rivermark was proud to be part. At this time, we are unsure of what plans Albertsons/Safeway have post-merger but we do know the event will not be taking place in 2015.

At Rivermark, we felt it was important to secure a way for our members to continue to contribute and to match previous year donation amounts for which Doernbecher depends. On October 15, 2015, Rivermark's “Shop For Miracles” campaign raised $25,000 for Doernbecher by donating $0.75 for each transaction made that day using a Rivermark debit or credit card. The fundraiser did not cost our members a penny and Doernbecher ultimately benefited having received more money this year than any year in the past from Rivermark.

How To Make A Gift To Doernbecher
Doernbecher is recognized as one of America's leading children's hospitals, and offers the region’s broadest range of pediatric treatments. Even if you missed Rivermark's Shop For Miracles event, you can still donate to The Doernbecher Children's Hospital Foundation by calling 503.294.7101 or by donating online today. Thank you for contacting us and for supporting Doernbecher.