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Member Stories

5 Star RatingWe think Rivermark does great things for our members, but don't take our word for it. Here are stories directly from members on why they chose Rivermark to meet their financial needs.

Monica appreciates Rivermark for simplifying her life. She moved her business account from US Bank:

“For years I had to deal with US Bank for our business account. What a nightmare! I waited patiently until Rivermark launched business banking. I loved it when you started home mortgages and now I have all business and personal under one roof. I love the ease of every single transaction. Credit decisions go super smoothly because everything I have is there! And did I mention mobile deposit? Thanks for simplifying my life!”


Rivermark has been home to Lyndsey for six years:

“We like to support local businesses. We heard good things about Rivermark and made the switch about six years ago. The way Rivermark does things (super responsive customer service, great checking interest rate, ATM fee refunds) has continuously assured us we made the right choice.


Sean made the switch to Rivermark from Bank of America because of the high fees.

"I used to use Bank of America because they were everywhere in the US and I traveled. It was convenient for me to transfer money, however the fees were high and the service was sub par. When I finally settled back here I switched to Rivermark. I love that I am able to use any ATM I need and get reimbursed, and the high percentage I receive back for being a member. I love the fact that they keep the credit card APR low, and the staff are always so friendly! Thank you, Rivermark!”


US Bank lost Brian's business when they lost his deposit. Rivermark stepped in to help. 

“I switched from US Bank after they had lost a $5,000 dollar deposit. It was devastating. Rivermark had given me a second lease on life helping me arrange finances for my bike touring, an emergency medical bill, and being understanding and having a conversation when policies were not clear. I appreciate all y'all do for us in the community. And I also appreciate the humanizing aspect you bring to customer service which is lost on the world.”


Amanda loves the accessibility to her funds with a business account. 

“As a small business owner just getting started, funds availability was huge as well as online accessibility. I had recently had an issue with my previous bank putting an extensive hold on funds for no apparent reason. Rivermark approached me with immediate availability and easy online access. It was a no brainer! Especially with how friendly and easy the staff is to work with. By far my best banking experience.”


No other bank would give Rowan a chance - and then Rivermark stepped in. 

“Last year I had a wisdom tooth go bad on me. Rivermark gave me a loan so I could get an emergency extraction. Me.... the one who had never had a credit card or car loan, etc., only student loans; no real credit to speak of. No bank would have done that. I just recently opened a credit card with you, in the hopes that one day I can get a home loan. You're the best!”


Bonnie stayed loyal to Rivermark - even after she moved out of state. 

“I have been with Rivermark since 1994. I moved to SoCal in 2010 and never even bothered getting a bank down here because I love Rivermark and am loyal. When I need to go into a bank, I just use a shared branch down here. Now we are moving back home to Oregon and I have never regretted staying with Rivermark.”


Fees are what steered Arnaud away from his bank. He appreciates the extended teller hours at Rivermark. 

“I switched because I needed a fresh start, away from tons of fees such as ATM and checking account fees for not having enough deposited on a regular basis. Glad I made the switch to Rivermark as I'm able to do what I want, when I want to do it. And the extended virtual teller hours is a nice addition that you don't see with other banks.”


Lizzy came to Rivermark from Bank of America. She appreciates that even employees love Rivermark. 

“After being slammed with various costs to keep my money at Bank of America, I finally took my wise friends' advice to take my money to a local credit union. The one name that kept being suggested was Rivermark! I found out I had a friend who is employed there and asked her what it was like to work there. Everyone, even EMPLOYEES, like this bank and its services. I haven't looked back since. THANK YOU!

Member Story
Ian's Rivermark Visa is half the interest rate he was paying on his big bank credit card.

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